Sell your car dubai

Car sales always have been a great bussiness in all of the countries. And specially in dubai, it goes on like anything as it is the place for you if you want to sell your car. Why? as majority of the people have love for cars. So, do you have a cool customized car that you want to sell in dubai? If yes, then we have this article for you. This article will show you how to sell your car dubai.

Sell your car dubai

Selling your car or any car at any place requires mostly three things to follow. First you have to know and verify your user/buyer. This is the person who will be buying you car and you have to make sure he exists. That seems like a critical job but a necessity.

Secondly, you have to knwo about tax information in both of the coutries. As this is something not involved with small amount of money. Who knows you can have an incredible car and many millionaires in dubai want to buy your car at any cost. This also can be a game changer for you, but lets not race to the greedyness. Tax information will allow you to inform the country authorities of both, that you are making  a sale of a big amount. Plus if you hold any sort of insurance from the insurance company to the car, then you have to cancel that too. It might seem like a loss, but you will get the money from the sale. Be happy.

Thirdly, you have to transfer the ownership of the car to the buyer in a legal way. This is not mandatory as once you get the money and payment, the car belongs to the buyer.
It has to be done when you want to sell your car dubai.  And now you have no relation to your most beloved car at all. You only have relation with the solid money that you have just received. YES, that is the harsh truth of life once you sell your car. Everybody will understand.

So, want to sell your car dubai? read next.

Selling your car is easy, but most people get conned and lose the money too. One key simple trick is to make friends with the buyer once you know the guy is real. How the hell you are gonna do that?  advertise your car online. When someone agrees to buy it, make sure you show the groom and kidnap the bride. It means, you have to casually approach him and arrange a meet up. After that, you decide to sell your car.

When you sell you have to decide a price for it as the buyer might give his own charge and that may be less for you. So in order to make sure that you get the best price, do these things ;

  1. Check for the brakes and see if they are good condition or not.
  2. See for the headlamps, stop lights, indicators, internal ACs, music systems, window shields, back spaces. Make sure everything is working great.
  3. Do a checkup for the engine and the wheels. If possible, rush to a good service center or a mechanic shop and do a costly checkup to make sure your car is not old or in a bad condition.

Then decide the price, using 12% depreciation for every year or any other methods that might appeal to you.

Sell my car dubai

to sell your car dubai, you need to contact to the buyer via online means. As this is the best method, you will even get tons of buyers in a small time. After you get a buyer, see if he agrees to your price and then do a little compensation if he refuses. After you can decide for the tax information dealing and then transfer the ownership.

sell car dubai

If you want to sell car dubai, then the best way is the online method. Lots of users and car buyers reside in the online media world like facebook, whatsap, even instagram works great with pictures. If you have pictures of your car, then upload them online and state the price. After someone approaches to buy your car, then you can arrange a gradual meetup and then sell your car.

Sell any car dubai

If you want to sell any car dubai then there is also a simple trick. First, make your car look good. Choose a proper service station and then rewipe your car to the newest look possible, with servicing,  paint job and lot of other things that make it look great as new. This makes your old car look new. you will also get a better price for the same car only with a little pain on the body which made it look new. Take photos of you car and use the online world to make an ad out of it, or just directly post in online in facebook. Facebook is the best platform for advertising. And then look for the buyers that offer you the best price.

Sell car UAE

Selling your car in uae is similar to selling in dubai, as the measures apply the same. You upload your car online, you find the buyer and deal with him, and then you deal with the money. Easy peasy.

Selling your car might be a painful job if you want to get rid of the car. And also if you want  a sky high price. That might be impossible but with the right platform you can accomplish it easily.

So, now you know how to sell you car dubai.

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